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The Christian County 4H program has paired with schools, where in late March, 25 students, including the top 8 Ag students from areas schools, will learn about careers in agriculture, and about all that's possible in the ag world nowadays. The ag industry isn't just raising livestock and plowing fields, it's much more, and Ag Career Day will hit on careers in Ag Media, Sales, Education, and more.


Alicia Gullidge, 4-H Youth and Development Coordinator at the University of Illinois Extension, said they have eight speakers that will talk about what they do as a career, and how it ties with the agriculture industry.

Gullidge said it's better to have fewer students for the career day, that way the  kids will have less distractions, they will be able to learn much more about the careers, and that way it'll have a higher quality impact on them.

Gullidge appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show.

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