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Governor Bruce Rauner gave his budget address on Wednesday afternoon. The address largely spoke of unity, and how lawmakers are starting to agree that the state needs to change the way it does business to solve the financial issues the state is facing. According to Rauner, Illinois has fallen behind it’s neighboring states, largely due to irresponsible money management.
After nearly two years of budget stalemates, Rauner says lawmakers are starting to come together and agree on many issues that will help get a balanced budget passed.
Rauner pointed out how although the rest of the country has created jobs since 2001, Illinois has lost jobs. He said that if Illinois had managed to grow at even the national average, the state would be in much better shape than it is now.
Rauner talked about the issues the state has had in the last two years to come to a balanced budget, and said the fact that lawmakers are close to an agreement is great news.

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