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People often have the misconception that zoning out and relaxing are one in the same, but according to Karen Vatthauer, Owner of Beacon Professional Counseling, they are very different. She said zoning out, causes people to not release stress, but just push it aside, and when people actively relax by doing things such as controlled breathing or walking, they are able to live healthier.


Vatthauer said zoning out while doing things like watching television or playing the slots bring next to no positives for people besides entertainment.

Vatthauer said taking the time to breathe, meditate, or walk every day bring people a major positive by developing their immune system, and getting rid of stress, that can cause acid build up.

Vatthauer is offering a meditation class that will help with this problem. The next class will be offered in May.


Vatthauer appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show. 

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