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The Taylorville School Board voted unanimously Monday night to drastically cut back their curricular and extra curricular programs should the tax referendum fail on April 4th. The district has seen a huge reduction in funding from the state during the state budget impasse, and has stated they would not have the funding for these programs without increased local support in the coming school years.


Taylorville Schools Superintendent Dr. Gregg Fuerstenau spoke with WTIMTV following the meeting, and said the district and it’s finance committee examined it’s expenses, and came up with a two year plan for the cuts should the tax referendum fail.



The cuts include non replacement of 4 retirements, teaching and other staff reductions, Madrigals, Scholastic Bowl, FFA, Journalism, Spring Musical, all school athletics, music, and art among other cuts by the 2018/2019 school year. The cuts would reduce the district’s expenses by nearly two million dollars. Dr. Fuerstenau said the issue lies with a lack of payments from the state.



Should the referendum pass, it’s projected to raise enough money to allow the district to continue with the programs cut. There would be a period of time before the district begins to receive the funding from the referendum however.



Dr. Fuerstenau stated the district would be able to make some decisions with their budget in the meantime to bridge the gap before they started to see the funds generated by the referendum. He also said the district is prepared to live within it’s current means, but that would lead to a reduced quality of education for it’s students.


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