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2 of the Miller Media Group Radio Stations that serve the Taylorville, Pana, and Shelbyville markets, will be getting new transmitters and audio processing in the coming week.


WMKR Genuine Country 94.3 and WRAN groovy 97.3. will have new solid state transmitters and solid state audio processors installed.


The new equipment will replace tube-type transmitters that are over 20 years old, and rebuilt audio processors that were also initially manufactured in the 1990's.


Listeners should hear a cleaner signal that will have more "punch" on the radio dial, once this new equipment is installed, according to station president Randal J. Miller. Miller added technology has changed drastically since buying the existing transmitters and audio processors in the late 1990's, making solid state radio transmitters and processors better-sounding and more energy efficient.


Both new transmitters were manufactured at Broadcast Electronics in Quincy, Illinois. Both of the new audio processors were delivered from S-C-M-S in Pineville, North Carolina.


Wayne R. Miller of Peoria Network Associates, is providing on-site installation services of all the new equipment. Star Electric of Taylorville is providing on-site wiring services, and True Value of Taylorville is providing transportation of the new transmitters to and from the Taylorville tower site.


WMKR and WRAN are 2 of the 6 stations that operate from the Miller Media Group studios at 918 East Park in Taylorville. Miller Media Group is celebraring its 25th anniversary of owning radio stations in Taylorville, this year.

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