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Craig Richardson, owner of Gordon’s Automotive Superstore on West Spresser has decided to retire, and will be shutting the doors on his business in the upcoming weeks. Richardson said after 42 years in the business, it was a tough decision, but one he felt was best for him and his family.


Richardson spoke with Regional Radio News to discuss his retirement, where he shared what he’s looking forward to in his retirement.



Richardson plans to stay in Taylorville, mentioning how Taylorville is his home. He also said the car business can be a very demanding one.



Richardson wanted to make sure he thanked all of the people who have helped make his business a success over the years.



The property will be for sale once Gordon’s Automotive Superstore clears out their current inventory. Richardson mentioned how it would be a good location for anybody who was looking to start a car business of their own.

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