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Taylorville is getting ready to welcome home PFC Maggie Bilyeu from her time overseas. Maggie was injured by a suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan in November, and will be returning home Friday evening. The US Veterans Motorcycle Club will be leading an escort home for PFC Billyeu, and the town is planning a welcome home parade along West Main Cross street.


David Schafer, State President for the US Veterans Motorcycle Club said the club will be heading up to the Springfield Airport to welcome PFC Bilyeu home.



The Motorcycle Club had been planning the welcome home festivities for some time. Schafer said he had remained in contact with the Bilyeu family, and once the club had a date for Maggie’s return, the rest came together.



The escort plans to be back in town around 4:30, with the parade along West Main Cross to the Taylorville Square planned for 5 in the evening. US Bank will be handing out hand held American flags to the community to help show support, and the public is welcomed and encouraged to attend.


The complete schedule of events for the escort and parade are as follows.


•1:00-Line up all motorcycles/cars in empty parking lot on corner of West Main Cross and Webster in Taylorville (across from BP gas station by Square)
•1:15-Saftey Briefing
•1:25-Roll out to Springfield Airport (via RT 29)
•2:15-Arrive at Springfield Airport
•2:50-Flight Arrives Springfield Airport
•3:45-Line up for Escort Home
•4:30-Escort through town by Veterans Memorial
•4:45-Line up at Jaynes Park for Escort down West Main Cross (Filled with American Flags)
•5:00-Leave Jaynes Park traveling east on West Main Cross to the Taylorville Square
•5:15-Arrive at US Bank on the Taylorville Square

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