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The Taylorville Lake and Airport, as well as Water and Environmental Committees met on Tuesday night. The main topic of discussion was the bike trail between Taylorville and Pana, and the rising costs associated with it’s repair. Originally, the repairs to the trestle bridge along the trail were estimated to cost roughly $430,000, mostly paid through a grant through IDOT. Pana Mayor Steve Sipes informed the committee however the cost for the project has risen to just under $600,000, with Taylorville’s portion of the bill rising from $43,000, to around $60,000. Taylorville Alderman Earl Walters had issues with these rising costs, as well as potential additional costs should Taylorville agree to take over a portion of the bike trail.



Taylorville Mayor Greg Brotherton also commented, saying how even factoring in Taylorville’s increased bill for their share of the project, he still thinks it’s a good idea.



Concerns were made about where the additional funding for the project would come from. Taylorville Alderman Larry Budd said the city already has a lot of money tied up in other projects.



There was a motion to bring the issue to the regular Taylorville City Council meeting on February 21st, which passed 3 to 1.

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