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Shelby Memorial Hospital in Shelbyville is now HSHS Good Shepherd Hospital, as the hospital has affiliated itself with the HSHS Medical Group. The hospital itself has a long history in the Shelbyville community. Marilyn Sears, Chief Operating Officer of Good Shepherd Hospital shared a story about the history of the hospital at a ceremony to celebrate the official name change of the hospital on Monday.



The event had a group of guest speakers, including Mary Starmann-Harrison, who’s President and CEO of Hospital Sisters Health System,. Starmann-Harrison shared a story of a patient who had undergone physical therapy at the hospital, and the incredible recovery she was able to make, going from barley able to walk, to being able to do yoga.



Also speaking at the event was E.J. Kuiper, HSHS Central Illinois Division President also spoke with Regional Radio News following the ceremony. Kuiper discussed how the hospital had reached out to the HSHS Medical Group about affiliating, and how that affiliation made sense for HSHS.



Kuiper discussed some of the additional services that will be available at the hospital due to the partnership.



Kuiper said HSHS plans to invest in the hospital through expanding the medical staff, as well as expanding the technology available for patients at Good Shepherd Hospital.

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