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The state legislation is starting another session to pass new legislation for all sorts of problems from big to small, from hunting laws to school funding. Those are just two examples citizens tell State Representative Avery Bourne, they are worried about. She said she's been part of a committee that's been working for months on a new school funding legislation, and they are less than two weeks away from finalizing things. Bourne said their school funding plan will be able to help these areas and make sure students receive the same quality education across the board.

Bourne said she hopes the school funding can be changed to be more balanced and fair across the state. She said many of the counties she covers don't have a lot of incoming funds, and that hurts their schools. But when the state doesn't pay the full amount they are supposed to, that hurts them even more.

State Representative Bourne appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show. 

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