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It just about took him right up to his inauguration day, but Donald Trump selected former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue to be his final choice in his presidential cabinet as the next Secretary of Agriculture. The president of the Illinois Farm Bureau, Richard Guebert Jr., says the organization is relieved a nominee to head U-S-D-A has finally been selected. The leader of the American Farm Bureau, Zippy Duvall, served as president of the Georgia Farm Bureau when Perdue was his home state's Governor;

The American Farm Bureau's chief economist, Bob Young, served on the U-S Senate Agriculture Committee staff under a Democratic chairman;

Like all other Trump cabinet nominees, Perdue will face a panel of U-S Senators for a hearing prior to a confirmation vote up or down in the full U-S Senate. The Senate's Agriculture Committee chairman says he plans to call a hearing on the U-S-D-A Secretary-designate as soon as possible.

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