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Debate continues over redacted records in the case of Robert Stivers. Stivers who is accused of causing the injures that resulted in the death of his 4 month old son appeared in the Christian County Court on Thursday with council to discuss records that the state and defense had received from DCFS that had information redacted. An order was placed on December 19th to require DCFS to provide both sides with the unredacted records on the case. The state has since filed a motion to vacate.


Jason Adams with the Illinois Attorney General’s Office was present in court representing DCFS. Adams stated that it would be DCFS’s position that they would submit the unredacted records to the state and the defense, however they would request a redaction. The defense argued that the redacted documents contained information about the names of witnesses in the case, and that they needed to know who those witnesses were before going to trial.


The court had also received on January 17th a sealed envelope from the Springfield Clinic which was opened in court. Those documents were turned over to to the state and defense. Judge Brad Paisley asked if either party was ready to argue on the DCFS motion to vacate, to which both sides indicated that they weren’t. A court date of February 6th was set for that argument.

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