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School funding has been a hot button topic around the state, and more-so locally with questions about local tax levies for Taylorville Schools and groups such as Citizens for Education pushing for school funding reform. State Senator Andy Manar (D-Bunker Hill) sits on a commission created by Governor Rauner to tackle the issue of school funding. Manar said in a conference call with the press Monday that although he supported the idea of the group before, solving the school funding problem in Illinois has been a tough issue to fix.



Manar said even though the school funding issue has been a tough issue to fix for the commission, he still feels as though the commission has done good by bringing both sides of the aisle together to try and fix the school funding issue.



Manar said one issue the commission has faced is a lack of understanding as to what the ultimate goal is for the commission, however recently there has been a renewed effort to draft a bill to solve the school funding issue.



Manar said he feels the commission has cut through many of the challenges it faced with the school funding issue, and now the challenge is to take the ideas the commission has had, and draft a comprehensive bill that will solve the school funding problem.

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