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CNB Bank and Trust have announced a scholarship competition that enables high school seniors to enter a statewide essay-writing contest. Shelley Singleton with CNB Bank and Trust said where as other scholarship competitions that are based on writing an essay can tend to be long and tedious, this competition is much simpler.



The competition is part of a program that’s sponsored by Illinois Community Banks and the CBAI Foundation, and offers seniors the chance of a monetary award in the amount of $1,000 a year for up to four years. Up to 12 additional $1,000 first place awards and 13 second place $500 awards are available in each region of the state. Singleton said another perk to the scholarship is that they are available to any student seeking any type of study.



Contest information is available at each CNB Bank location and at local schools. The deadline to enter is January 20th, and Singleton had information on where students should send their essays to.



CNB will then submit selected entries to the CBAI Foundation to be entered into the statewide competition.

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