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Year in Review from Illinois State Treasurer's Office, Looking To 2017

With just days away from kissing 2016 goodbye, and welcoming in 2017, the Illinois Treasurer's office is one part of the State government that doesn't mind holding it's head high. State Treasurer Michael Frerichs said 2016 brought about some good programs and his office has been given a lot of praise from other organizations. He said two of the things he's most proud of from 2016 is passing legislation toward life insurance companies and improving the state's college savings programs.

Frerichs said he's also looking forward to next year and some of the great things that will come with it. Two of those things being a new savings program, ABLE, as well as some changes to the state's college saving's program, Bright Start.

Treasurer Frerichs appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show. 

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