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U of I Extension Helping Pave the Way for Clean and Renewable Energy Resources

The University of Illinois Extension Office has an Energy Program that works on learning how to take things in surplus here, like corn and soybeans, and use it as a fuel for better and cleaner uses for energy. Gary Letterly, said a lot of money has been used to convert crops to ethanol to use as renewable power. He said now that it takes more time and money to get things like coal and other fossil fuels, especially since they are limited and not renewable. Using things like corn and soybeans would be a progressive step to using cleaner energy all around.

Letterly said fossil fuels are going to be a resourse that we can always go to, but with more wide spread use of them, and with populated countries using them more frequently, to conserve our planet, we will have to learn to use them more sparingly.

Letterly appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show. 

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