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Taylorville schools will finish up their Fall Semester next Wednesday and there is plenty that needs to be done to make sure the school is in good working condition for the upcoming Spring. Dr. Gregg Fuerstenau, Superintendent of Taylorville Schools said there will be routine maintenance and billing going on once the kids leave. He said the custodians will be hard at work waxing floors, replacing lights, and more.

Fuerstenau said the one thing he focuses on most during the spring semesters is graduation. But not because he wants the year to be over or he wants kids to leave, but because that ceremony and celebration is what the staff and faculty works so hard for during a student's school career.

Fuerstenau wanted to remind the public about the upcoming Madrigal Dinner taking place this Friday and Saturday. Tickets are still available at Taylorville High School.


Fuerstenau appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show. 

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