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Avery Bourne was re-elected as State Representative for the 95th district, and soon after got right back into working to better the state of Illinois for the people she represents. Soon after elections, the lameduck session began in Springfield, and during that time, a new budget was not discussed. Bourne said while many programs will receive funding for the next six months, many more will receive no funding after December 31st.

Bourne said she and many of her colleagues hope a budget gets passed before January 1st so many government ran organizations can get paid, especially because once mid-January hits, they'll be discussing the new budget that's to be passed this summer.


Bourne also said she has been meeting with people every week to finalize the school funding commissions to create a new formula, and they are making good work of their time as they move closer to their February deadline.

Representative Bourne appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show.

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