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Registration Deadline to Become Master Gardener is This Friday

Master Gardener Training begins in January of next year at the University of Illinois Extension, but registration ends this Friday. The training sessions are built to teach, those who want to be a master gardener, all of the basic ins and outs of gardening all types of plants as well as teaching people how to prevent pests and invasive plants. Gwen Podeschi, Master Gardener at the U of I Extension said this year the seminars will be both in person and online through Skype Business.

Podeschi said the seminars don't provide much difference in how they're given except in face to face, the setting is a bit more formal. But she said the real difference is the people giving the information, and through the online seminars, other experts from around the state will be teaching the classes.

The full schedule of classes can be found at the extension's website.

Podeschi appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show. 

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