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Steve Henry and his wife Laurie are putting together a mission trip to Nicaragua this June. The mission trip is through Seeds of Learning and the cost of the trip goes to that non-profit organization and pays for everything including meals and a place to sleep, but does not include airfare. Steve Henry said this is a wonderful opportunity for someone to become familiar with a new culture as well as to give back.

Henry said a country like Nicaragua is very poor, but also very happy and they don't want to change their lifestyle. He said something like that seems unheard of in the United States, and it wouldn't hurt Americans to learn to be more like Nicaraguans in that way.

Henry said the official dates will be June 10th through the 17th and they are looking to bring 12-15 people with them for this experience. The deadline to sign up is in March. Henry said, to sign up, call him or Laurie at 824-4211.


Henry appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show. 

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