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Taylorville City Council Amends Video Gaming Ordinance

The Taylorville City Council voted and passed a motion to adopt proposed ordinances amending the city code pertaining to Video Gaming and Liquor License Classifications at Monday nights Taylorville City Council meeting. In the ordinance, a business who wants video gaming has to have a certain percentage of their business come from a particular revenue stream. City Alderman Ernie Dorchinecz asked the council, who exactly monitors those revenue streams?



Alderman Bruce Jones explained that the businesses when they report their quarterly numbers will give that information to the mayor, who will then monitor the figures.



Taylorville Mayor Greg Brotherton said the businesses will sign something saying the numbers they’re reporting are true, and the Mayor’s office won’t look further into the matter unless it’s brought to the city’s attention.



Mayor Brotherton said most cases are no-brainers, and there is only a handful of businesses who’s numbers may need closer attention.



The motion to adopt the proposed ordinances passed 6-2, with the motions to accept the changes to the ordinances passing 7-2.

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