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National Weather Service wants People to be Prepared as Winter Approaches

Last week was Winter Weather Preparedness Week, but it's still important to continue to stay prepared as the fall season beings to move out and the winter moves in. Heather Stanley with the National Weather Service said this winter is looking to bring a lot of cold temperatures and winter storms to Central Illinois this year, and it's important people are as prepared as possible for what could come. She said it's important for families to have at least 3 days of supplies including food and water in case the winter storm hits hard enough.

Stanley said it's important for people to also have a survival kit in their car when traveling to make sure they'll be okay if the worst is to come. Stanely explained some of the items to have.

Stanley said all of this information and much more can be found online at weather.gov. And there are many other links to prepare the public for the winter to come.


Stanley appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show.

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