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Sheriff Kettlekamp Talks Chirtsian County Runaways and Ways to Prevent It

Children and teens running away is something most don't think of as a major problem. But in Christian County and in the rest of the country, it happens more than most would think. Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettlekamp said in the past year, there have been 41 reported runaways in the county. He said these kids run away when things get too hard for them to handle, and he doesn't think these kids truly think their actions through. Kettlekamp said he believes there are more dangers now than ever.

Sheriff Kettlekamp gave some tips for the youth to prevent them from running away and help them talk out their issues instead.

The full list of prevention tips and a list of causes for teens running away can be found at the Christian County Sheriff's Office Website.


Sheriff Kettlekamp appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show.

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