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The Taylorville School Board met for their monthly session on Monday Night at the Administration Education Center in Taylorville. The meeting started off on a light and positive note, with discussion on the Taylorville FFA Chapter and their accomplishments. The Taylorville FFA Chapter just recently attended the National FFA Convention. A Taylorville FFA Administrator as well as several Taylorville FFA students thanked the school board for the opportunities they’ve had this year.



The discussion turned towards more serious matters, with the School Board reviewing the proposed 2016 Tax Levy for local funding. School Board Superintendent Dr. Gregg Fuerstenau laid out the proposed Tax Levy, and said under the current tax formula and rates, and with uncertain state funding, the school district cannot sustain itself.



One proposed solution to this problem that has come from both the suggestions from the School Board as well as the local Citizens for Education group is an increase in the property tax rate, with the money going to fund the education system in Taylorville. The board had to come up with a suggestion on how many cents on the dollar that increase would be, so they can put together a proposal to be placed on the April election ballot. Board member Bruce Barry said he disagreed with the proposed rate from Citizens for Education.



Board Member Dennis Atteberry pointed out that even at the suggested rate from Citizens for Education of 85 cents, Taylorville residents would only see a minor per month increase in their taxes. Atteberry also said he thinks the citizens of Taylorville would vote for or against the increase regardless of how much the increase was.



A motion for a proposal to be written for a limiting rate increase based on the 85 cent rate increase passed with only one no vote. The school board also said to members of Citizens for Education in the crowd that the task is now on them to get the citizens of Taylorville behind the rate increase.

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