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Shelby County Excited for What CEO Program Brings to the Classroom

Shelby County is excited for the start of their CEO or Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities Program to help kids learn how to, not only, start their own business, but become more professional, learn how to act more professional, how to network and much more. Denise Bence Superintendent of Shelbyville Schools, said she wished when she was in school she could have had this opportunity because it provides so many benefits to the students, and gives them something the normal public school system can't. 

Bence added, through the program, the students also get to meet local businesses and business owners in the community to learn every aspect of business and also gain a mentor along the way.


Bence said an application process is pivotal because it shows if the student has a true interest in business and if that student will take the program seriously. Anna Kiley, Director of Economic Development for Shelby County said while the application process is important, GPA isn't as important.

Bence and Kiley appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show live from our Shelbyville Studios. 

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