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ISP Provides Travel Tips for Harvest Season

The Illinois State Police are urging motorists and farmers using the roadways to cooperate with each other during the harvest season. As farmers move equipment from field to field, they will be utilizing the roadways, and traveling at much slower speeds than the rest of the motoring public.


Drivers should be aware of farm vehicles, and be prepared to slow down when encountering them. The ISP has provided several safety tips for motorists to ensure a safe harvest season on the roads. These include only passing when you know it’s legal and safe to do so, slowing down when approaching a farm vehicle, and maintaining a safe following distance.


Farmers who are using the roadways should pull over when safe to do so if traffic starts to back up behind them to allow motorists to pass, avoid moving equipment at dawn or dusk when visibility is limited. Farm equipment that moves at speeds of 25 miles per hour or less is also required to have a bright orange triangle slow moving vehicle emblem mounted to the rear of their vehicle.


The Illinois State Police say that by following safe driving practices, we can insure a safe harvest season on the roadways.

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