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Rep. Avery Bourne Confident with Elections Less Than a Month Away

With elections less than a month away State Representative Avery Bourne is confident in her campaign to take on her opponent Mike Mathis. Last week she and Mathis were in a debate in Springfield where she left feeling positive and ready to take on the next challenge. Bourne said, she has had a lot of criticism from Mathis about her ability to generate ideas, but she's noticed a trend in what happens after she endorses a bill to get things changed.

Bourne said the hour long debate can be found on YouTube for those interested in watching.


Bourne has also been pushing for change to help people regain faith in Illinois government. She knows people are frustrated and she would be too, and she said for there to be a good change in Illinois government, new rules need to be put in order.

Borune said term limits will be a major factor in making change in Illinois. Representative Bourne appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show. 

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