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Christian County CEO Students Get Radio 101 At Miller Media Group

It was a day of learning how to create compelling content, then monetize that content, when the 8 Christian County C-E-O, or "Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities" students, visited the Miller Media Group offices on Thursday.

Led by C-E-O facilitator Dick Adams, the 8 met in the M-M-G conference room and learned about creating content, then monetizing that content, from M-M-G president Randal J. Miller.  Miller took them thru the process of how to program a radio station, then how the audience that's attracted to that particular station's format, is monetized thru offering local businesses the opportunity of reaching those thousands of listeners thru effective radio advertising.

Thursday morning's "Radio 101" was part of an extensive tour schedule that the 8 C-E-O students have experienced already since the start of this year's class in late August.  The C-E-O calendar runs concurrently with the school calendar, culminating with a trade show in May.

For more information on the Christian County C-E-O program, go to christiancountyC-E-O-dot-com.

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