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Cold Months Approach, What Do I Do With My Garden? Master Gardener Tips

As October continues and the cold temperatures near, many people wonder what they can add to their lawns and gardens. Gwen Podeschi, Master Gardener from the University of Illinois Extension, said people can still plant shrubs and trees, but now is the time to start cleaning up. She said, that gardeners don't have to clean up everything, because some things can be used for pollination, as well as food and shelter for some animals during the cold months.

While many people have their own gardens to clean up, others participate in community gardening, which are also clearing out for winter. Geri Nieman, also a Master Gardner at the Extension, said now community gardens are planting cover crops to help with the gardens for next year.

Community Gardens will begin opening back up in late March of next year.

The Gardening Help Desk is now closed for the year but calls with questions are still encouraged. Call the extension at 827-7246 for more information. Nieman and Podeschi appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show. 

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