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What Can Parents do to Make Sure Teens Don't Become a Victim of Substance Abuse?

Teens using drugs and alcohol in the community is at a high level, as is the amount of adult smokers, alcoholics, and drug abusers. Dennis Metzker, Board Member for the Christian County Prevention Coalition, said a major part of the reason kids will use and abuse, is because of parental behavior. Metzker said parents shouldn't try to be their kid's friend, but be their parent and show with negative action, there will be consequences.

Metzker mentioned one way that parents can make sure their kids aren't using and abusing drugs and alcohol is to make sure they know who their friend's are, and try to be friends, or at least get to know their friend's parents.

For more information contact Metzker at 217-254-5027, or Google the Christian County Prevention Coalition. Metzker appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show. 

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