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Taylorville Establishes New Mayor Pay and Honors Local Golf Champion

The Taylorville City Council met in regular session at the Taylorville Municipal Building on Monday Night. The meeting started off with the council honoring the accomplishments of Dave Ryan, a local Taylorville Citizen who just recently became golf’s US Senior Amateur Champion. Mayor Brotherton gave a proclamation on the matter and spoke a few words before honoring Ryan with a plaque from the city for Outstanding Achievement. Ryan spoke a few words to the council and others in attendance.




In more serious matters, the City Council once again took a look at the issue of the mayor’s salary. There was an ordinance to establish the salary of the position of Mayor of Taylorville at 58-thousand dollars. Alderman Shawn Burtle, who had previously opposed the ordinance in the past, once again stated that he didn’t like the proposed ordinance, because he felt that the amount was too high. He said he thought that the Mayor’s pay should be based on performance.





Alderman Bruce Jones addressed Alderman Burtle’s suggestion, saying that although he didn’t necessarily disagree with Alderman Burtle’s idea, there are challenges to doing it that way.




There was also much discussion as to whether or not the office of Mayor was a full time position or not, and if the council could in fact raise the salary on a yearly basis based on performance. Ultimately the motion to establish the mayor’s salary at 58-thousand dollars a year was passed 5-3.


After approving the payment of bills, Monday Night’s Taylorville City Council Meeting adjourned at approximately 8 pm.

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