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Hunting Season Underway in Illinois

Any hunter will be able to tell you that October First was opening day for archery deer hunting. Joe Cochran, Conservation Officer with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources said hunters will need to once again get their tags for the upcoming seasons, and gave several suggestions on where to get them.





Cochran said during bow season, hunters don’t have to wear the typical blaze orange you see. They do however have to abide by other rules.





If you plan on doing shotgun hunting during shotgun season, you will however have to wear orange. Archery season also overlaps shotgun season, and Cochran said archers will also have to put on orange at that time.





Cochran also said hunters can archery deer hunt during the firearm hunting seasons, but will need a valid firearm deer permit to do that should they wish to hunt on private land. That statue does not apply however if you’re hunting on public land.

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