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All of Shelby County is looking to improve and the Shelby County Board is constantly finding new ways to do just that. One way they are doing this, is by focusing on their youth and giving them the chance to take a step ahead of other kids and join the Shelby County CEO program. Bruce Cannon, Vice Chairman of the Shelby County Board said this program is still being set up, and 58 local businesses and people are interested in getting it going.

Cannon said Shelby County is also thinking about applying for an enterprise zone which will help expand the county and allow more business and residents to come in.

The three year tax abatement means if someone builds a house or business on the enterprise zone, property tax won't be assessed for three years. The County will discuss to move forward with the idea this upcoming week. Cannon appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show live from our Shelbyville Studios. 

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