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As students continue to get back in the swing of things, there are some staff members who are brand new to the schools in Taylorville that are still getting their feet wet. At the School Board Meeting Monday night, 13 new staff members were introduced to the school board for the first time formally. Dr. Gregg Fuerstenau, Superintendent of Taylorville Schools, said the new staff members briefly introduced themselves, their background, and their expertise. 
The school board also had their budget meeting, where Fuerstenau said no matter what happens next year, the school will have a budget deficit, and they are making sure they're ready for it.
Fuerstenau said that the deficit, with the transportation costs and education fund, will be just over $1.4 million. Dr. Fuerstenau appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show. 
Lacy Glenn, Sr. High - Counselor
Shelley Graves, Jr. High - Grade 7 Language Arts
Erica McDonald, Pana - Pre-K Teacher
Eric Bruder, Sr. High - Asst. Principal
Kathryn King, Sr. High - Vocational Ag
Christine Crane, North - Reading
Erin Gonzalez, Elm. Itin. - Elementary Art
Jill Veselka, Central/North - Pre-K Teacher
Melissa Febus, Memorial - Grade 4 Teacher
James Lebshier, Sr. High - Science
Jodi Ban Uytven, Sr. High - Science
Jessica Reber, Memorial - Grade 4 Teacher

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