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The group that wants Illinois to reform the way it creates legislative maps has filed a petition asking the Illinois Supreme Court to reconsider its recent ruling that declared the effort unconstitutional.

In a split, four-to-three decision, the Illinois Supreme Court late last week voted to keep the initiative from reaching voters, despite signatures of more than a half million registered voters on petitions who want to see it on November ballots. It would create an independent, non-partisan commission to create legislative maps instead of the Illinois General Assembly.

At a Chicago press conference Wednesday, Independent Maps coalition chairman Dennis FitzSimons (fitz-CY-muhns) says the group filed the petition because they believe the court’s majority was wrong and inconsistent. The group says it has the right to point out arguments most of the justices overlooked and misinterpreted. 

Groups such as Illinois Farm Bureau, Illinois League of Women Voters and Latino Policy Forum helped gather signatures on petitions. The Independent Maps group says it owes those groups and the more than 560-thousand Illinois voters who signed petitions to make every possible effort to get the question before voters in November.

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