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A major press conference was held in Taylorville this morning, where Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce CEO Patty Hornbuckle declared the City of Taylorville as the Chili Capital of Illinois. Hornbuckle was joined by Mayor Greg Brotherton, Paul Schmitz, Christian County Board Chairman, and Carol Hancock CEO and owner of the International Chili Society, in proclaiming Taylorville as the Chili Capital of Illinois. Hornbuckle said that it meant a lot to her that the International Chili Society views the city as the Illinois Chilli Capital.

Hornbuckle said she is grateful for Tom Calvert because of all of the work he puts into helping the chili cookoffs in Taylorville run smoothly and represent the City of Taylorville as a world champion when he competes around the country.

Hornbuckle mentioned that Calvert's appearance in other cities helps bring visitors to Taylorville and those visitors for the chili cookoffs help the city's economic development. To have the label finalized, Hornbuckle is waiting for a final formal vote which will take place in November. Hornbuckle appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show. 

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