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The Illinois Department of Transportation is discontinuing its Yellow Dot program. The Yellow Dot Program aimed to help emergency medical responders by having citizens who signed up for the program provide important medical information that could help in the case of an accident. Participants would fill out a card that would be placed in the glovebox as well as place a yellow dot sticker on their back windshield. No reason was given for the cancellation.


IDOT does encourage all motorists to sign up for the Illinois Secretary of State’s Emergency Contact Database. The service allows citizens to enter emergency contact information as well as any disability or special needs information into a voluntary and secure database for no charge. This information can be accessed by law enforcement in cases where people involved in accidents cannot communicate so law enforcement can contact your emergency contacts and be provided with any helpful medical information on scene.


Visit cyberdriveillinois.com to sign up for the database, or for more information.

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