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The Taylorville Park Board met in regular session on Monday Night at the Manners Park Administration Building. The board was welcoming in a guest this week, Roy Williamson with Red Bland Little League who wanted to give the board an update regarding upgrades to the various baseball fields at Manners Park. Williamson mentioned how the league had met with contractors to talk about maintaining and renovating the fields. Williamson said how the cost of renovating the fields at Manors Park was eye opening.



Williamson said how the costs of labor alone make the project a daunting one.



Williamson also laid out what exactly would be done to the field should the board move forward with the project.



One option that the Park Board would potentially have to help reduce the costs of labor is to use local contractors. Park Board member Don Bragg who had attended the meeting had some suggestions to do use local labor.



Williamson said how the issue needs to be investigated more, and one option may be to simply put the project off for at least a year, due to the time of the year that the work would be done.

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