Local News

Last week at the City Council Meeting, Mayor Greg Brotherton, brought up that he thought it would be wise for Taylorville to hire a City Manager to take on the important mayoral responsibilities that a professional should handle. Many of the Aldermen were not thrilled with the idea and still remain resistant. Brotherton offered some reasons to hire one such as continuity in the political system, the City Manager's decisions can be overruled by higher powers such as the mayor or city council.

Brotherton said the hiring decision will be made within the next month.


Other major news from last week was that Dave Herpstreith is stepping down from his position as Chief of Police. Brotherton said the city has two options it can take in appointing a new Chief. 

Herpstreith will officially step down as Police Chief in the first week of September. Mayor Brotherton appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show.

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