Local News

22 year old Alyssa D. Waddington of Pana was traveling northeast on IL Route 48 on August 14th. Approximately 530 feet southwest of 1130 IL Route 48, Waddington left the roadway off the right shoulder. Waddington traveled over 300 feet along the north side of the ditch before sliding sideways. Once sideways and facing south, Waddington continued sliding before coming into contact with the south side of the ditch. Once hitting the ditch Waddington’s vehicle began to overturn. The vehicle traveled about 36 feet through the air until landing on the driver's side. The vehicle then became airborne again and made contact with the ground about 9 feet later. Waddington’s vehicle continued to roll on the ground until back on its tires where it came to rest. Waddington stated that she didn’t know exactly what had happened, and that she believed she may have fallen asleep. A witness to the accident said that Waddington was driving the speed limit in front of him when she veered off the roadway. Waddington was taken to Taylorville Memorial Hospital for observation.

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