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The Christian County Board met in their regular monthly session on Tuesday night at the Christian County Courthouse. The main items of the night revolved around dissolving the current Christian County 911 board, and approving the members that will represent Christian County on the new consolidated 911 board with Shelby County.


There was some concern from County Board Member Matt Wells as to the members representing Christian County on the new board. Wells was concerned about how there is not representation of all four of the Christian County districts on the new board. County Board member Jack Pearce informed Wells that the reason was that those members on the previous Christian County 911 board who are from the districts that wouldn’t be represented on the new consolidated 911 board with Shelby County, had decided to step down from their positions when the Personnel Committee was nominating potential board members for the new consolidated 911 board.


There was also some discussion on whether or not Taylorville Police Chief Dave Herpstreith should remain as one of the nominated members of the new 911 board due to his decision to step down as Taylorville Chief of Police. The decision was made to keep Herpstreith on as a nominated member for now. Ultimately every member who was nominated to represent Christian County on the new Consolidated 911 Board with Shelby County was approved.


Another item that was voted on at Tuesdays Christian County Board meeting was a motion on how accrued and unused sick and vacation time for exempt and non-exempt county employees would be converted under the new standards that will go into effect in December under the Fair Labor Standards Act. There was also a motion to change all management and mid-management work weeks to a 40 hour week from the current 35 hour week, and it was noted that the change would not affect union employees. Board Member Matt Wells was concerned as to how the current sick and vacation time accrued for those employees would be converted under the new standards.



County Clerk Laurie Mense explained how the change will work, and why it’s being made.



Both the motion to change the work week for certain county employees from a 35 hour week to a 40 hour week, and the motion to change accrued and unused sick time was converted to the new standards carried. The Christian County Board meeting adjourned at 7:15.

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