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Regional Radio News has learned that Taylorville Chief of Police Dave Herpstreith will be stepping down from his duties as Chief next month. Chief Herpstreith said how it was a tough decision to make, and how he will return to his previous rank within the department, and will be working back on the road again.



Chief Herpstreith said how the decision was made due to a desire to spend more time with his family, and how although he has enjoyed his time as Chief of Police, the added responsibilities of the position has led to a significant reduction in family time. Chief Herpstreith also said that he’s actually looking forward to working patrol, which is where he started with the Taylorville Police Department.



Chief Herpstreith also wanted to thank the employees at the Taylorville Police Department, stating how they’ve been a pleasure to work with in the capacity of Chief, and how he hopes to continue those relationships as he steps into his new role with the department.

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