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The Taylorville City Council met in regular session on Monday night at the Taylorville Municipal Building. One item on the agenda was an ordinance to approve the annexing of property north and adjacent to 110 E. Heights. The property was the subject of much discussion at the City Council meeting on August 1st, and since that date the design for the parking lot that will be built on the property has been changed to better manage the flow of traffic out of the lot.


Another motion that generated some discussion was a motion to distribute the IEPA funds in accordance with the Agreement signed by the other parties involved to settle the agreement. Alderman Vota commented on the issue, thanking City Attorney Rocci Romano for sorting the issue.



City Attorney Romano went in depth as to what the agreement allows the city to do.



Two other items that were brought up at Monday night’s City Council meeting came from Taylorville Mayor Greg Brotherton during his Mayor Updates. The first thing that the Mayor brought up was how he wanted to commend Alderman Walters for helping prepare the upcoming Chillifest.



Mayor Brotherton also wanted the Council to consider the hiring of a City Manager at the next meeting of the finance committee.



After voting and passing the motions that came from the various committee meetings, the Taylorville City Council Meeting Adjourned at approximately 7:31 PM.

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