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The Christian County Prevention Coalition (CCPC) held a town hall meeting at the Taylorville Junior High gym on Thursday night.


Guest speakers included State’s Attorney Michael Havera, Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp, Executive Committee of the CCPC board and recovering addict Dennis Metsker, as well as recovering addict Kelly Dressen.


The evening was full of great insight, information and stories from all the speakers. Havera began the night with a revealing presentation about synthetic drugs and its effects on the user. He said how many of the synthetic drugs on the market today can be more addictive than their illegal counterparts.



Havera also spoke on the problems that legislators and the court system has had in trying to make these synthetic drugs illegal.



Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp also spoke at the event and highlighted the dangers of underage drinking. He said how people who begin drinking at a young age are much more likely to develop an addiction.



The event finished off with an array of different information tables set up in the school’s cafeteria from multiple organizations like the law enforcement table, Christian County Probation Office, Families Anonymous, Gateway Foundation, and the host organization of the CCPC.

For more information about the CCPC or any of these other organizations, visit the coalition online at cc-pc.org.



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