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Probable cause has been found in the cases of Chad and Stephen Reiss to send the pair to trial. State’s Attorney Michael Havera called an officer with the Pana Police Department and the Central Illinois Enforcement Group to the stand. The officer stated that he had received information that had showed that there was an active meth lab at the house in question in the case.


It was said how there was a search warrant obtained with the information gathered, and how multiple items associated with meth manufacturing were found at the house. It was also stated there was information that meth had been purchased from Chad Reiss in the past. It was testified how one of the defendants had stated “you got me” to officers when they arrived on scene. Substances obtained at the residence also field tested positive for meth, and it was testified how there was an odor and fog in the house consistent with meth manufacturing.


The State asked the court to find probable cause due to the testimony from the officer. The Defense stated that there must be some evidence showing that a crime has been committed, and that the evidence presented so far doesn’t do that. The defense stated how just because there was something going on in their home, that doesn’t mean the defendants participated in it. It was also stated in further testimony that Chad Reiss shook a bottle on video, believed to be in connection to the manufacture of meth.


The court found probable cause for both Chad and Stephen Reiss to bring the matter to jury trial. Jury trial was set for October 11th, with a September 20th date for further pre-trial.

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