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Illinois is facing many potholes in regards to transportation. 

The latest covered farm vehicles legislation signed by Governor Bruce Rauner allows a commercial driver license (CDL) exempt for farm semi-truck operators. Not a significant change for Illinois farmers as they have had an exemption in place for the CDL under “farm vehicle driver” for the past 23 years. The only difference being the 150 mile limitation that is lifted within Illinois state lines under the covered farm vehicles regulations. 

Another issue is that taxpayers and other stakeholders are questioning road repairs and allocation of transportation funds. The primary solution would be more money towards the projects, but Illinois Farm Bureau Senior Director of Government Kevin Rund says it is not that easy. 

Digging into transportation funds doesn’t help either. $6.4 billion has been diverted for other purposes throughout the state. Illinois has also been unable to match up funds for road repairs making them risk losing federal resources. To combat this issue, Rund says voters will have the opportunity to put a stop to it.

Kevin Rund, Illinois Farm Bureau Senior Director of Government 

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