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The Illinois State Police is preparing to educate the public about the safety of driving and the risks of speeding. Tomorrow, July 27th, The State of Illinois will be participating in Speed Awareness Day to stop speeding and teach the public that speeding is a major cause of traffic fatalities. State Trooper Sean Ramsey said that in the last year there have been more than 500 deaths which is up from the year before, and the state wants to decrease that number as much as possible.

Ramsey said that, generally, people don't see speeding as a major issue, but when a bad accident happens, their minds change. He said that he hopes people will see it as a bigger issue now, so that an accident doesn't need to be an eye opener later.

Illinois Speed Awareness Day is tomorrow and for more information go to Faces4.org. Ramsey recently appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show.

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