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The 4H General Show took place Monday morning in the Expo building at the Christian County Fair and Regional Radio News was there to catch all of the action. During the General Show the kids show off the projects they've been working on over the past year and they're judged and graded to see if they have the opportunity to go to the state fair. 14 year old Caleb Grover, part of New Vision 4H Club, said he had three different categories he had projects for and was competing in.

Grover said  he wants to go into the medical field and become a doctor when he grows up and 4H has helped him come to this decision.

The project that won Superior at the State Fair was a board game that taught kids hygiene, how to care for pets, and how to stay healthy. Grover received blue ribbons on all three of his projects this year at the General Show. Grover recently appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show Live at the Christian County Fair. 

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