Local News

The Taylorville City Council met in regular session Monday night. The meeting took place in the Stonington Elementary cafeteria as opposed to the usual setting of the Taylorville School District Administration Building. The reason for the change in venue was due to the school board getting a tour of the facilities in Stonington.


There were several items of both old business and new business to attend to during the meeting. One was the consideration of bids for two vehicles as well as a piece of property that the school owns. There were some questions as to how the school acquired the property as well as what its appraised value was. Dr. Fuerstenau explained that the reason why the school was looking to sell the property was due to the costs of maintenance, as well as the fact that the school has to list it as a liability on its insurance.



Another item of note that came out of Monday’s Taylorville School Board Meeting was the report that the renovations to the Taylorville High School track are underway.



The Taylorville School Board meeting on Monday adjourned at approximately 7:57pm.

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