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As the summer continues and fall is on its way, local garden walks are coming to a close, but from those garden walks, people may have an idea for a plant they may want to try out in their garden. Gwen Podeschi, Master Gardener from the University of Illinois Extension Unit 18, said that if there is something new and ambitious that someone wants to try, they should first call the Help Desk at the U of I to make sure that it won't be a headache later on.

Podeschi also gave a lot of advice including advice on what pests to make sure you keep your eye out for in your garden.

Podeschi said the best way to avoid these pests is to harvest your fruits before the insects and animals have a chance of getting to them. More advice can be found by calling 217-287-7246. Podeschi recently appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show. 

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